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Zodiac Sign & Wishbone Necklace, Solid Gold

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One of Modern Myth's signature necklace combos - your zodiac sign paired with the all-time favorite wishbone pendant.


All necklaces are made-to-order. We require 2.5 weeks for production before we ship out your order.


Size and Materials

  • Each pendant is individually handmade using the lost wax casting technique
  • For the zodiac sign pendant: 0.5" diameter with zodiac sign engraving
  • For the wishbone pendant: 0.75" length
  • Necklace chain: 18" cable chain
  • Material: solid gold (14k gold pendant on 18k gold chain)
  • Comes with a message card and small jewelry pouch
  • Packaged in a Modern Myth gift box



Jewelry Care

Read up on how to take care of your Modern Myth jewelry here

Special attention is required for 24k gold-plated sterling silver since it’s more delicate. Time and wear and varying skin acidity levels will impact the longevity of the plating. To prolong the good state of the plating, it is advised to follow the steps enumerated above. Please also note that pieces may need to be re-plated every now and then to maintain their original appearance.



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