Everyday fine jewelry, inspired by the stories we tell.

Modern Myth is an independent fine jewelry brand based in Manila, Philippines. Our fine jewelry made of solid gold and natural stones is produced in small, made-to-order batches. We create minimalist yet refined jewelry intended to be part of your every day and for years to come. As the pieces are individually handcrafted using a combination of traditional techniques and new processes in jewelry craftsmanship, even the slight variances in detail and texture make each one unique and more personal. 

Every piece comes to life through a story intricately woven into its core and design, a modern myth that is transformed into wearable fine jewelry.

At Modern Myth, we believe that jewelry should be an extension of oneself — your second skin that becomes an intimate part of your everyday life and accompanies you through every moment of your journey.

It is still possible that simple and minimalist jewelry — done the right way — can radiate beauty, inspiration, individualism, and a good sense of style. In making this accessible, we also strive to maintain fair pricing without the ludicrous mark-ups often seen in traditional luxury jewelry.

We produce straightforward and deliberate designs, including minimalist jewelry from past to present collections available for purchase (mostly made-to-order); as well as subtly bolder and exclusive pieces as part of our one-of-a-kind portfolio. Our second focus is our custom design service to create bespoke pieces for clients, bringing their vision and story to life — while still staying true to our design philosophy.

We see the value of making jewelry in small batches in order to eliminate the need for excessive inventory. 

We only make what is needed.

Our jewelry is meticulously crafted as made-to-order, although select designs are produced in advance for new releases and special collections. We ensure that every one of our resources — gold, stones, and labor — is dedicated to a piece of jewelry that is purchased with intention. We also highlight the longevity and lasting value of solid gold, that are carried on as innate attributes in the life span of our fine jewelry. We encourage customers to invest in timeless pieces that they will treasure and enjoy for years, without needing frequent replacement due to fleeting trends.

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While we play our role in crafting jewelry with purpose, we aspire for this ethos to resonate with consumers, that they approach their purchases with intention as well. Throughout the years, Modern Myth has remained committed to putting the customers — and their stories — at the heart of our journey. To nurture this relationship is to consider the customization process as a collaboration between Modern Myth and each customer, yielding in the creation of truly special, personalized jewelry.

Our main goal is to create beautiful fine jewelry that transcends time and tells its own story

— stories that begin even before the jewelry is conceived, stories that breathe life into each crafted piece, and stories that continue on.

Every Modern Myth piece carries with it a unique narrative, embodying your personal connection to the design and what it means to you. It is the story that inspires and brings the jewelry to life. 

This is how your modern myth becomes
Modern Myth.

In the jewelry industry, sustainability continues to be one of the dominant conversation topics around supply chains and production.

While we do not claim to be a fully sustainable brand, we are still transparent on how we are moving towards this ideal. We are committed to practicing mindfulness in the jewelry that we produce, in our messaging, and in our methods. Making solid gold jewelry sustainable involves adopting a multitude of practices that minimize negative impacts throughout the entire life cycle of the jewelry — from acquiring raw materials to producing to having the actual finished jewelry itself. Sustainability in this industry doesn’t only mean having ethical sources and practices, but also preserving traditions and promoting intentional and long-term consumption. We are a fine jewelry brand that touches these key points on what it means to be sustainable:

  • Valuing the longevity of solid gold and translating this in the life span of our jewelry
  • Small batch production
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Lean supply chain
  • Preserving the art of jewelry making and partnering with local goldsmithing communities

Valuing the longevity of solid gold and translating this in the life span of our jewelry

Our jewelry is crafted to be worn every day and for years to come, withstanding the rigors of daily wear while maintaining its charm and appeal over time.

We design with durability and timelessness in mind. By focusing on longevity and emphasizing the value of fine solid gold jewelry, we reduce the need for excesses and the frequent replacement of accessories, which always happen in the case of fashion or costume jewelry. More often than not, by the time the allure of these accessories wear off and the pieces deteriorate because of their low quality (and intended short life span), they end up being discarded as with other fast fashion items. Because of their cheap purchase price, consumers are incited to keep buying more. We on the other hand, encourage customers to invest in pieces that they will treasure and use for a long time, rather than following short-lived trends or using non-precious materials. With this also comes the importance of making an intentional purchase and being a conscious consumer.

The beauty of using solid gold is also in its inherent resiliency that it can be reused and recycled to make new solid gold jewelry in the future, while still retaining its intrinsic value. Gold has circularity. Even gold that is mined hundreds of years ago is still being used. These very characteristics all the more make any solid gold jewelry a sustainable piece.

Small batch production

We refrain from mass production and maintain a minimal inventory of on-hand jewelry. By producing only what is necessary and ordered, we not only prevent stockpiling but also manage our limited resources as a small jewelry brand. Additionally, we limit having big seasonal releases and instead prioritize capsule collections that can be added in your everyday essentials.

Responsible sourcing

While there are discussions about the unethical mining of gold in terms of its impact on the environment and the safety of the practices for miners — our brand strikes a balance and uses both newly-mined gold and recycled gold. The former doesn’t automatically equate to being harmful or bad. For newly-mined gold, we only get from responsible sources where the practices used to mine the metal minimize environmental impacts (employing eco-friendly extraction methods without using mercury or explosives, having proper waste management systems) and where the small-scale or artisanal miners are properly supported (providing fair wages, enriching their livelihood and communities, prioritizing their health and safety). In the end, the gold we use should be non-conflict and should be responsibly and ethically sourced.

Lean supply chain

As an independent jewelry brand, we keep a close and small network of suppliers for gold, diamonds, and gemstones. Keeping this network lean prevents confusion in the traceability of materials. This streamlined supply chain allows direct communication and leaves out any unnecessary intermediaries. Same with our customers, we also create a relationship with our suppliers that goes beyond just sending requirements or fulfilling orders. By getting to know them better, we ensure their adherence to certain standards such as tracing the providence of materials and employing conflict-free practices.

Preserving the art of jewelry making and partnering with local goldsmithing communities

Although Modern Myth is a first-generation jewelry business, we collaborate closely with local goldsmithing communities in the Philippines, particularly in Malabon and Bulacan. Through this relationship, we not only create beautiful jewelry, but also actively contribute to the preservation of the craft of jewelry making. We have been partnering with second-generation goldsmiths and artisans who continue to employ traditional techniques like wax carving and lost wax casting, while also using fresh approaches in jewelry craftsmanship. Getting them acquainted with new skills allows them to stay in this livelihood and to be part of the jewelry industry for a longer time.

Modern Myth was born out of Camille’s passion project of making handmade bracelets. Further driven by her entrepreneurial spirit as a brand marketer and her appreciation for beautiful little things, the jewelry venture began to take form. Having started a few years prior, it was only in 2017 that she left her corporate job in a multinational company to dedicate more time for Modern Myth and be a full-time jeweler. Coming from a family with no background or affiliation in the jewelry industry, it was also years of self-learning for Camille while simultaneously managing and growing the business. In 2022, she pursued the Graduate Gemologist program at the International Gemological Institute (IGI) in Antwerp, Belgium. This covered all three courses on Polished Diamonds, Rough Diamonds, and Colored Stones. Further, she also completed the Jewelry Design course at the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS) in Bangkok, Thailand. This step was aimed at enhancing the brand’s bespoke service, enabling her to create custom-made jewelry pieces for her clients.

Graduate Gemologist, G.G. (Diamond Graduate, D.G. - Polished Diamond Grader and Rough Diamonds Grader + Colored Stones Grader) - International Gemological Institute (IGI) in Antwerp, Belgium. August to October 2022.

Jewelry Design - Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS) in Bangkok, Thailand. January to February 2023.

Modern Myth is available online and offers international shipping. You can also visit us in our Manila showroom by appointment.