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Sadly, we meant it when we said that we'll only release 20 pieces of our back-to-back Dalaw necklace. And we won't be restocking.


But, we heard you! We now have the Araw and Buwan necklaces.


Pre-order Araw beginning August 5! We will only be producing 15 pieces of this design. Since each piece is individually handmade, we'll only start making Araw after the pre-order period and we'll start shipping out your limited edition necklaces by August 18.




Soleil – named after the Sun and born under the Moon sign – designed this special birthday collection inspired by the delicate but tough, the bright and dark, and the ever alluring female form.


Born from her illustrations and transformed into simple but enchanting everyday jewelry, may these pieces bring brightness to your days.


The Araw Necklace


Only 15 pieces made, each Araw piece was hand-engraved and made from lost wax casting. Originally from the Dalaw illustration which has a back-to-back engraving of the sun and the moon, Araw now exclusively showcases the sun design, and hangs on a 20" cable chain. Pendants are made of 24k gold-plated sterling silver and chains are made of 24k gold-filled.


Limited edition jewelry ✧ Designed by Soleil Ignacio for Modern Myth ✧ Designed and handmade in the Philippines




Special attention is required for 24k gold-plated sterling silver since it's more delicate. Time and wear and varying skin acidity levels will impact the longevity of the plating. To prolong the good state of the plating, it is advised to follow the steps enumerated in our Jewelry Care Guide (the care card is also provided with every Modern Myth x Choleil purchase). Please also note that pieces may need to be re-plated every now and then to maintain their original appearance.

Araw Necklace, Gold

    • Pendant: 15mm x 16mm with sun design engraving and embossing, 24k gold-plated sterling silver
    • Necklace chain: 20" 24k gold-filled cable chain
    • Comes with a Modern Myth x Choleil card and small jewelry pouch
    • Packaged in a Modern Myth x Choleil gift box